Ordeal Information

You are advised to read this entire document before moving to the online registration.

Parent Information

Congratulations! You have been selected as a candidate for the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service, and your journey in the Order of the Arrow has just begun. To take your Ordeal and become a member in our Order, you must complete this registration process.

As of today, the following Ordeals are available:

Upcoming Ordeals

Date Camp Assignment Lodge or Chapter Splits
1-3 December 2017 Camp Trevor Rees-Jones Lodge Event
2-4 March 2018                         (will open in Jan. “18) Camp Wisdom Lodge Event
 4-6 May 2018                            (will open in April ’18)  Camps Constantin, James Ray, & TRJ Chapter Split (split TBD)

To register use our Online registration.

II. Filling out the form:

Many sections of this form are required and must be filled in.  These sections have a red * next to their name.  You will not be able to complete your registration until all sections are completed.  Double check and triple check all of your entries.  You are responsible for the information you supply.  We may use the e-mail address, your home address, or the phone numbers you supply as a method of communicating with you.  Be sure they are correct.  If you use a method other than the online form, print your information and be sure we can read your writing.

III. Paying for your ordeal:

The cost of your ordeal is $45.00. Using the online registration form will require you to pay electronically.

IV. Medical information:

It is very important that you have with you, any medication you need on a regular basis.  You do not need a medical form for an ordeal weekend, but you need to have emergency contact information available.

V. What to bring:

Bring with you – In a backpack a full water bottle, work clothes, work gloves, pocket knife, rain gear, sleeping bag, ground cloth (cannot share), tent (for Saturday night or in case it rains Friday night – can share), shower kit, towel, swim trunks, and weather appropriate clothing.  You may want to bring some cash for the Miki Trading Post after your Ordeal to buy patches and other Lodge items.

VI. What not to bring:

Do not bring – any form of food or candy, sheath knife or any electronic items.

VII. Arriving at your Ordeal:

All candidates must arrive in full Scout uniform and must be at their registered Ordeal no later than 9:00 pm Friday. Check-in will start around 7:00 pm. Dinner will not be served Friday night – Eat before you arrive in camp.

VIII. Dietary Restrictions:

If you have any dietary restrictions due to health or religious reasons, please contact Judy Johnson at 214-770-3135 or jkkita@gmail.com

IX. Departing your Ordeal:

The Ordeal will end Sunday morning around 10:00 am. Make arrangements to leave camp at this time. If you have a parent or guardian driving in on Sunday to pick you up, they need to arrive by 9:30 a.m.

You must remain at the Ordeal until dismissal Sunday morning to receive your membership card and lodge pocket flap.

We understand that some Scouts’ religious observances preclude them from staying through Sunday morning, and we fully support those convictions.

Permission for an earlier departure time must be obtained in advance, and can only be granted by our Associate Lodge Adviser of Inductions, Mr. Chris Wilt. Should you believe you qualify for an early departure please contact Mr. Wilt at inductionsadviser@mikanakawa.org.

X. It’s time to register:

You came to this page by selecting one of our scheduled Ordeals.  Go to the “Ordeal Candidate Registration” to register for the next upcoming Ordeal “Online Registration.”  The following Ordeal will open for registration at the end of the next upcoming event.