Native American

Native American Ceremonies

Mikanakawa Lodge has a rich tradition of excellence in ceremonies.  No better example of this can be found than our performance at the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference where 7 of our 8 teams competing were designated as honor teams.   Today, we continue to build on our legacy of excellence with a teams of dedicated youth.

You can get started in Ceremonies by:

  • Attending your Chapter meetings
  • Attending our Dance Drum and Ceremonies practices
  • Coming to Ordeal Weekends
  • Working with the Ceremony teams
  • Helping out in any way possible
  • Being ready to perform a ceremony part – (Download a Script)

If you are a Chief, Vice Chief or Advisor interested in starting or improving your team, please contact our NA Youth Lead Colin March.  We will come to your chapter meeting and help you get started or help coach your team.


Ceremony Scripts:

You can download other helpful Native American related files by clicking this link.

Native American Dance Information

In Mikanakawa Lodge – our goals is for every chapter to have a dancer. We have a strong tradition of leadership in the area of dance.  Our own Tim Jarrell, placed Second of over 50 competitors at the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference at Michigan State.

Dance Styles

  • Straight (Southern Traditional) – The gentleman’s dance or a veteran’s dance
  • Grass — Oldest style of dance
  • Northern Traditional — Young warrior’s dance – tells a story
  • Old Time Sioux  — original version of Northern Traditional
  • Fancy – has become the iconic dance of the modern day powwow.  Must be athletic
  • Chicken – the players of the plains – imitates the plains prairie chicken

Native American Drum and Dance

The drum is the heart of every powwow and the foundation for a strong Native American Activities Program.  In Mikanakawa Lodge, our drum is a strong team of dedicated youth and adults who are committed to an exceptional program of singing and drum that honors the Native American tradition.

We sing songs from the Southern Tradition, lower pitch and slower pace.  Spend some time with us and you will learn songs from Ponca and Comanche tribes, and gain an appreciation for the traditions and meanings of our local Native American tribes.

Other information on drumming and dancing, including information about crafting regalia and rules for dance contests, can be downloaded here.