Lodge Elections

All voting members of Mikanakawa Lodge (current registered Scouts under 21 by September 10, 2016) are called to attend the election of Lodge Officers for 2017 at the Lodge Fellowship at Camp Wisdom, September 9-11.  The elections will take place on Saturday, September 10th.  Voting members must be paid current on lodge dues (you can pay your dues there or before at $15) and, due to event policy, must also be registered for the Fall Fellowship.  Circle Ten Council requires that all Scouts and Scouters on camp property for an event be registered for said event.

Any current dues paid voting member in good standing with the lodge and Circle Ten Council may apply and run for an office; all candidates for office must be under 21 years of age for their entire term of office.  Deadline for applying is Saturday, August 20th at 12:00 noon.  Anyone interested must contact Lodge Adviser, David Allelo at dallelo@sbcglobal.net or meet with him at an event prior to August 20.  If at least two Scouts have applied for any one lodge office by the deadline, nominations for that office will close and no one else may run for that position unless they drop down after losing at a higher office during elections on September 10th at Camp. Wisdom.  If, after the August 20th deadline, a lodge office has one or no one running, then the office stays open and Scouts can be nominated from the floor when the Lodge Elections Committee is in session.

Candidates for any lodge office must interview with the Lodge Elections Committee before their election.  The Lodge Elections Committee explains the duties of each office and will either approve or deny a candidate from running for an office.

The officers of Mikanakawa Lodge are the Lodge Chief, Vice-chief of Inductions, Vice-Chief of Camp Promotions, Vice-Chief of Service, Vice-Chief of Native American, Vice-Chief of Administration, Vice-Chief of Technology and Communications.  All officers and committees have detailed jobs that need to be updated and maintained on a continuing basis.

For information regarding Lodge Offices and what each position entails, click here.

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Lodge Election Committee Procedures