March 2018 Ordeal Staff Registration Camp Wisdom

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March 2018 Ordeal - Staffshow details + $15.00 (USD)  
December 2017 Ordeal - Staff + Brotherhoodshow details + $35.00 (USD)  

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  • March 2, 2018 - March 4, 2018
    7:00 pm - 10:00 am

You can download a guide to Inductions Staff Responsibilities.

Inductions Staff Responsibilities

Welcome to Staff!  Remember to bring your regular camping equipment including tent sleeping gear, work clothes, Field Uniform (Class A), and sash.  Meals and eating utensils are provided.

The following are roles you may sign up for when you get to camp.  If you are interested in a Senior Staff position, please attend the LEC 2 months before the Ordeal.  That is when these positions are filled.


Priority assignment.  At least 1 person for each crew.  Typically 15 to 20 total.  Youth preferred, adults accepted.

Training begins Friday night at 8:00 PM.  Spend time with crews including same work and meals.  Receives Elangomat t-shirt, bucks, and credit towards special patch.


4 youth

Must arrive before 6:00 PM on Friday night to assist with registration.

Joins Power Corps on Saturday.

Candidate Service

6 people & 2 trucks.  Work begins at 8:00 PM Friday.


  • Deliver & pick up water at all sites.
  • Deliver candidate meals.
  • Empty trash in the dining hall.
  • Clean & maintain all restrooms (refill paper, empty trash, etc.)
  • Other tasks as needed

General Service aka Power Corps

Unlimited youth and adults; OA members

Service and projects as assigned on Saturday morning immediately after breakfast.


Performs ceremonies in assigned teams: Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, Brotherhood

Ceremonies Training

Does not perform ceremonies.  Learns ceremonies (lines and movements), prepares ceremony sites and cleans up sites.  Supports ceremonies teams as needed.


Must have preapproval by Bistro Leadership.  Up to 6 youth.

Ordeal Master

1 youth for each 5 crews.  Leads Elangomats. and provides interface between senior staff and crews.  Preapproved by Inductions Youth lead.

Senior Staff

Preassigned at LEC or by Leads.  Includes preapproved rolls such as Leads, Brotherhood Warrior, Lodge Vice Chiefs, etc.

Chapter Advisers:

Only chapter adviser for each chapter.  May also participate in other roles.


Policy for Adults in Cabins at OA Ordeals

  1. Adults (over 21) may stay in cabins at any Ordeal
  2. Cabin use is $10 per bed per weekend in accordance with Council policy.
  3. Rooms are reserved first for Lodge Advisers and selected positions working the Ordeal.
  4. If bunks remain available, they are first come, first served basis
  5. Rooms are reserved through Lodging Coordinator before the event by Tuesday midnight cutoff of Ordeal, via Slack or email
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