Saturday, November 22, 2014

Council-wide Camporee


  Site preparation     A signature event for Circle Ten was the 100th Anniversary and first ever Council-Wide Camporee in October, 2010.  The Order of the Arrow was charged with preparing the event site.  This event weekend with almost 7,000 attendees was the culmination of planning and preparation by Circle Ten. The Arrowmen of Mikanakawa Lodge were key partners in the Camporee’s success. Arrowmen served in many leadership roles for the Camporee, the October Induction weekend and several other work days were critical in clearing and preparing the over 50 acre site.  Mikanakawa Lodge had over 150 Arrowmen helping out in various areas of this signature event, and Arrowmen were on-site all weekend handling items such as:

·       Registration

·       Parking

·       Trading Post

·       Mikanakawa Village

·       Numerous program areas

·       Cooking for the staff of over 300,

·       OA Service Corps ran the clean-up and maintenance of the Camporee

·       OA youth staff played key roles during two arena shows.   

        Project Plan - A1 & A2          Equipment & Material installed          Visual History          Project Newsletter 

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