2018 Elections Information

Thanks to everyone working on elections this year! We are implementing new instructions and methods to streamline the paperwork process.


Send the Attached files to the Scoutmasters before the election to be filled out.

  1. OA Unit Election.pdf (This will create the Ballots)
  2. TroopXXXX-OABallot.xlsx (Everyone on the Ballot will need to be listed) There is an Example record to show the correct way to input it.

After the Election.

  1. Send a scan of the Completed OA Unit Election PDF to LodgeAdministration@Mikanakawa.Org, Devin.tassin@gmail.com (He needs to record where the unit is going camping),  jlove482@gmail.com , & Your OA Commissioner
  2. Turn in the OA Unit Election Form at LEC to Jeffry (The Election did not happen until Jeffry has a record of it)

Most important to get the Elected into LodgeMaster

  1. For the TroopXXXX-OABallot.Xls – Change the of the file to the Troop that had the Election. (Ex. Troop123.XLS) and remove any not elected Scouts (and the Example Record if still there).  And e-mail that to LodgeAdministration@Mikanakawa.Org  & Your OA Commissioner
  2. For Adults you can either add them the XLS file for the Troop, or e-mail them in at a later time.  If you e-mail them in at a later time, change the filename to Troop123-Adults.XLS (e-mail that to LodgeAdministration@Mikanakawa.Org  & Your OA Commissioner


Please include this in your e-mail to the Scoutmasters

TroopXXXX-OABallot.Xls Columns: (This is also used for District Nominations):

BSAIDRequired – If blank, Council will need to verify before record can be added to Lodgemaster

DOB – Required – Lodgemaster uses this field to detriment Y/A

Election Date – Required

Unit Type – Required (Since C10 has no Teams, this can only be Troop or District)

Unit Num. – Required (Troop # or District #)

First Name – Required

Middle Name – Optional (But Recommend because out Council is so big)

Last Name – Required

Suffix – Optional (Sr., Jr., III, IV, V, etc…)

Nick Name Optional (Leave Blank if the same as the Frist name)

Phone Number Required (Home Phone # or Cell #)

E-mail Address Required (Use the e-mail address they want used for e-mails regrading Signing up for Ordeals)

Street 1 Required (Mailing Address)

City Required (Mailing Address)

State Required (Mailing Address)

Zip Required (Mailing Address – 5 or 9 digit)

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