Winter 2017 Newsletter

My Brothers,

The Mikanakawan is now published. The Mikanakawan is filled with accomplishments, events, and news from the last three months. A newsletter is one of the best ways the lodge communicates to keep everyone up to date with current events and to remind everyone of future events. Please take the time to read it and enjoy it as much as the team did putting it together.

Winter 2017 Newsletter (click to view article)

        As for future editions of The Mikanakawan, the Newsletter committee has decided to implement The Chapter Corner into The Mikanakawan. This is an Initiative that will increase chapter participation into the newsletter and to help the chapters fulfill the JTE gold requirement to  “Contribute to the lodge and/or council newsletter or web site at least quarterly”.  More information about the chapter corner will be sent out by email soon.

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2018 Elections Information

Thanks to everyone working on elections this year! We are implementing new instructions and methods to streamline the paperwork process.

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