Summer Camp Staff Support Day

Arrowmen, Please come out and help prepare the our camps for the upcoming summer camp season.  Your help is needed to put the finishing touches on our camps to make them perfect for our campers.  To facilitate this, the lodge holds an annual Summer Camp Staff Support Day.  We have divided the camps by chapter

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Carry the Load

Carry the Load is happening May 29-30 at Reverchon Park in Dallas.  This event is meant to bring back the meaning of Memorial Day and raises money for all branches of the military and first responders.  It is a 20 hour and 16 minute walk where people walk to remember those people that have lost their

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Native American Dance & Drum Day

The combined lodges of Netopalis and Mikanakawa are starting a new program for anyone interested in Native American Dance, Pow Wow style drum, and regalia/outfit construction.  Come Join us Every third Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 at Camp Wisdom, 6400 Red Bird, Dallas Texas. Contact  Mr. Simmons 214-507-1151 Scott Lollar 972-374-6206