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Constantin Staff Lounge Renovation Project

With Summer Camp fast approaching, the lodge wants to ensure the Staff Lounge at Camp Constantin is ready to provide a cool place for the staff to wind down at the end of each day.  To have this building ready we have some weekends available for you to assist in this endeavor.  It will take a concerted effort to accomplish this goal but it is well within the reach of the lodge as we maintain our stellar reputation for making a difference at our council camps.

We need your help – help with demolition, help with plumbing, electrical and carpentry.  We need youth and adults helping to make this lounge an oasis in the hot Possum Kingdom sun.

Brother Tick Hayes is our lead adviser on this project.  Please reach out to Tick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to identify the weekend you would like to help.  An e-mail will be sent out on Wednesday the week of the work to those going with phone numbers so that the opportunity to carpool would be available.

Here are the work weekends:

March 29

Electrical cleanup, plumbing cleanup and installation, install new windows

April 12

To Be Determined

May 2-4 Ordeal

To Be Determined

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Section 2-3N Conclave

2014 Conclave PatchSR2-3N Conclave 2014

Conclave is an opportunity for Arrowmen from across our section to gather for a weekend of fun, fellowship, training, events and competitions. It is an activity at the Section level of the Order of the Arrow that is designed to gather OA members in our area for training, fellowship, classes, competitions and straight-out fun with fellow OA members. Our section encompasses 10 lodges, spanning the distance from Amarillo, TX all the way to Shreveport, LA.

Registration is now open for the 2014 SR 2-3 N Conclave to be held at the Camp Wisdom / Billy Sowell Scout Camp near Dallas , TX on April 25th-27th, 2014, hosted by Mikinakawa lodge of the Circle 10 Council. The theme of this Conclave is "Spirit of the Phoenix: The Fire Within", which fits the great Order of the Arrow spirit in our Section. A lot of thought has gone into planning an outstanding event to carry on the tradition of past SR 2-3 N Conclaves.

This is the link to the section conclave information and registration page.

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What Is MikiCorps?

Are you ready for adventure? High Adventure? Did you know that the Boy Scouts of America offers a special High Adventure program that is only available to the youth members of the Order of the Arrow? Did you know that you can spend 2 weeks at Philmont for just $250?MikiCorp 2014 Flap

What’s the catch? You spend the first week with your crew providing service to improve the camp. During the second week, you embark on a custom itinerary that you and your team design for yourself. No one gets to design their own itinerary at Philmont - BUT YOU DO!

There are similar programs at the other 4 High Adventure bases (although, to attend the OA High Adventure program at Sea Base you must have already completed an NOAHA program at a different camp). There is even a brand new National OA High Adventure program at the Summit this year for youth Arrowmen from 14-18 years of age. All other programs are for Arrowmen from 16-20.

Those who have attended these programs tell us, unequivocally, that it is a life-changing experience! Mikanakawa Lodge is committed to making this experience available to a large number of Arrowmen in 2014. Those who attend will be a part of an elite Corps of Arrowmen - the MikiCorps 2014.

How do we intend to support you? Here’s one way - the first 50 Mikanakawans who obtain the Lodge Adviser’s signature on their Application Form and attend a National OA High Adventure program this year will receive a travel reimbursement of $100 at the end of the summer. Proceeds from the sale of the 2-piece flap set will help to fund these travel expense reimbursements.

We have more in store for you, but for now the most important thing for you to do is to go to and download the application form for the program you want to attend and then meet with Lodge Adviser Chuck Wagner to get his signature on your completed form.

There are fewer than 500 spots available nationwide for all 5 of these venues and they are filling up fast. We expect the opportunity to be gone soon, possibly as early as March 1st. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a life-changing experience.

Be a Mikanakawa Corpsman. Be a part of MikiCorps 2014. Sign up now!


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