Vigil Honor Nominations Deadline

The August 1st deadline to submit Vigil Honor nominations is drawing near.  Anyone may nominate a 2017 dues-paid Mikanakawan for Vigil Honor membership, as long as the Arrowman has been a Brotherhood member for at least 2 years as of August 15, 2017. If you have an Arrowman you would like to nominate, you may wish to check with your Chapter Adviser to ensure they have paid their 2017 lodge dues.

Every nomination will be given due consideration, but a photo of the Arrowman must accompany the nomination or it will not be considered.

For those of you who may have never submitted a Vigil nomination, you may wonder what qualifies an Arrowman for consideration.  We would suggest that you consider one word – exceptional.  The Vigil Honor is the highest award that a lodge may bestow upon its members so by its very definition it should be reserved for youth and adults who are exceptional in their service and devotion to the lodge, the OA, Scouting and/or Scout camping.  It is not sufficient that one hold a chapter or lodge office or position.  Were they exceptional?  Service for a single year is insufficient for gathering a complete picture of an Arrowman’s devotion.  Consider where they started and where they are today.  Are they exceptional?  Is their devotion to servant leadership sincere and deeply held?  Will they continue to serve regardless of awards or accolades?  Are they exemplary Arrowmen?  Are they exceptional?

Remember, too, that you are not limited to nominating Arrowmen just from your own chapter.  Vigil Honor membership is not a chapter competition.  If you feel that an Arrowman is exceptional, whether in your chapter or any other, make that case via your nomination.  The new Vigil Honor nomination form can be found on the Downloads tab of the website.  Please use this form, not earlier versions.  It is vital that you save the form before you send it or you will lose all of the information you input.  All nominations, with photo attached, must be e-mailed to and in his hands by 11:59 p.m., August 1, 2017.  We also request that you send suggestions for possible Vigil names for any nominee you submit.  Please contact Vigil Adviser Chuck Wagner directly if you have any questions regarding Vigil nominations.

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